Modern Minerals Sakura eye shadow

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From the January Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

This eye shadow has a shimmer finish, with a hint of pink.  The picture is a little more true to life than the photo on their site.  Sakura has great pigment and the color shows up well for a light, shimmery shadow.  The color makes a great base, in addition to the usual highlighting uses of a shimmer shadow.

I’m not normally a fan of loose eye shadow, especially loose shimmery shadow.  It tends to make a mess all over my counter, no matter how careful I try to be.  This is packed well for a loose shadow and goes on the brush well with little effort.  Sakura has great staying power as well.  Overall, this a good value for the price and I look forward to trying their other shadows.

A note about the brand:  Modern Minerals is vegan and cruelty free.





4 thoughts on “Modern Minerals Sakura eye shadow

  1. This is the second one I got in my box since I subscribed but I haven’t used either one yet. It’s good to know it isn’t mess prone 🙂 I still may press them, though. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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