Blissoma Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser

IMG_0288_1 - Copy

This is an interesting cleanser in an interesting package.  It feels more like a moisturizer than a cleanser.  The bottle has an eyedrop-style dispenser, which is different.  The cleanser is a little too thick for the dispenser, but it comes out of the bottle just fine without it.  Blissoma hypes the “unique ingredients” in its formula that help it “exfoliate by dissolving dead skin cells”.

The cleanser has no soap or detergent in it, which I supposed lives up to its hype of uniqueness.  It has a very gentle grainy substance in it, which provides a light exfoliation.  I thought it was little tiny bits of rice, but it turns out it’s actually rice flour.  Blissoma explains that it doesn’t dissolve or remove oil, but actually leaves “healthy, clean oils” behind.  You can definitely tell it’s leaving something behind.  If you have oily skin like me, it can feel a little annoying.

This is a scented cleanser, gentle but still scented.  According to the website, it’s a citrus scent.  It smelled like citrus, and maybe something else a little flowery.  If scents bother you, you will probably want to avoid this cleanser.

A note about the brand:  Blissoma is vegan and cruelty-free.


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