NCLA Nail Wraps



So, I’ve been testing these for so long, the wraps pictured above are no longer on their website.  I’m sad about the ones on the left…those are totally bitchin’ space wraps.  These things are great!  They come 26 to a pack, which is enough for 2 rounds and touch-ups.  I tested these on and off over several months, and here are some tips:

-These adhere best when used quickly.  The drier they get, the quicker they peel.  Still, I got 5 days out of the last application, which I’d had for six months by that point.

-They’re easiest to apply when your nails are at least a little long.  To tell if they’re long enough, hold your hand up with your palm facing you.  If you can see the tops of your nails, they are long enough to do a decent application.  The longer your nails are, the better the application.

-The wraps peel off using the tabs at the end, but I like to crack them around the edges before peeling.  This helps to separate them from the cardboard.

-Use Gloss It!, the recommended base and top coat.

-Apply the wraps to your thumbs last.

-Nail scissors are your friend.  You may need to trim the width of some of the wraps after you get through the first batch.

IMG_0129_1IMG_20150305_152222 - Copy

These are the wraps as applied.  The photo on the left is my first attempt at applying nail wraps ever.  I think it turned out okay under the circumstances.  The photo on the right is my last test.  These are the wraps at six months old.

The wraps are like stickers, so they don’t smell, smear or chip.  Application takes about 15-30 minutes, depending on your experience with nail wraps.  The effort is worth it, and as you can see, once you get the hang of it, it looks pretty good.  Good for both everyday and special occasions.

A note about the brand:  NCLA is vegan and cruelty-free.


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