Ecotools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge

IMG_0280_1_1 - Copy

The packaging hyped this as the “hottest trend in skincare”.  For $6, I figured it was worth it to check out the hottest trend in skincare I’ve never heard of.  This sponge is made from konjac.  Konjac is an edible plant from eastern and southeastern Asia.  For the record, I did not try eating this.

Ecotools hypes this “reveals smooth refreshed skin” and “[leaves] skin glowing.  I was using a facial cleansing brush before this, so that’s what I’ll be comparing it to.  I liked this much better than my brush.  My face feels less scrubbed and more refreshed, which I prefer.  The parts of my face not involved in the acne siege do feel much smoother.  My skin has looked better overall since using this.  It’s possible the scrubbed feeling was causing my face to over-produce oil.

According to Ecotools, this should be replaced every 1-3 months.  I really like the sponge, but I’m not thrilled about using something that constantly needs to be replaced.  I’ve been testing this since the end of January, and I took the picture tonight, so it’s held up quite well for a month and a half.  This is a wonderful product, and its constant need to be replaced is the only drawback.




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