LUSH colour supplement in Light Pink

IMG_0276_1_1 - Copy

These colour supplements are pretty cool.  They can be used as a tinted moisturizer, foundation or concealer.  I’ve struggled with getting this to apply correctly and thought maybe it just wasn’t that great or the wrong color.  I bought this in the store and while checking out the LUSH site to write this post, I found some instructions on how to apply the colour supplement.  I recommend reading those instructions before applying.  The issues I’ve had with application seem pretty much resolved now.

IMG_0277_1 - Copy

This is the second lightest colour supplement in the collection, but the lightest vegan shade.  According to LUSH, this is for moderately pale faces.  Since my face could only be described as moderately pale when compared to polar bears, I’ve been using this as a concealer instead.  The colour supplements come in both pink and yellow undertones, and except for the lightest shade, they’re all vegan.  If you’re looking for a nice, multi-tasking product, this is not a bad deal.


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