Reading between the bubbles

For the past few weeks, I’ve been looking for bubble bath for my niece.  This has proven much harder than I anticipated, given my criteria of it being vegan and cruelty free, and her mom’s criteria of it being organic and natural (no scary ingredients).  Researching of all of these different brands has been an eye-opener in cautious wording.

Some brands prominently display their cruelty-free status, either with a Leaping Bunny or PETA logo.  In some cases, when they’re not big enough to go through that certification process, they unequivocally state their views on animal testing.  These are the easy ones.  Some brands state that they do not test on animals, except where required by law.  If you’re not aware of animal testing laws, it might seem inconceivable that it could be legally required anywhere.  And then there’s my personal favorite, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, whose logo is plastered on many of these sites.  Sounds so warm and fuzzy, right?  But if you read between the lines of their position statement on animal testing and read some of the articles about the Safe Cosmetics bills, these brands are definitely not cruelty-free.

If a brand is cruelty-free, figuring out whether or not they have vegan products can be pretty simple.  Of course, if they’re 100% vegan, that’s prominently displayed.  If they’re 100% vegetarian, their vegan products are usually clearly marked.  Otherwise, I have to rely on the ingredient lists.  If there aren’t ingredient lists, I move on.  I may not be militant about no scary ingredients, but I do like to see how scary the list looks.

Looking for truly organic brands is also tricky.  Many brands say they’re organic and all-natural, but if you read some of their ingredient lists, it’s clear they’re not:  water, organic aloe, scaryscaryingredient, couldbescaryingredient, organic cocoa butter, reallyreallyscarysoundingingredient, organickindascaryingredient, fragrance*.  What’s even creepier is when they tell you all about their commitment to natural and organic products and how you should check the ingredient list to make sure it won’t trigger your gluten-intolerant, peanut allergic, citrus allergic self and then some of the products are missing ingredient lists.  It’s really creepy when most of their products have ingredient lists and only a few don’t.

There are some great brands out there that are up-front and unequivocal about their policies.  For the rest, just read carefully and look for things that are carefully worded in that read between the lines kind of way.  As for the vegan, cruelty free, organic, all-natural holy grail of bubble bath, I’ll keep you posted if I ever find it.

*Fragrance is super scary all on its own.  Read No More Dirty Looks for more on that, or of course, Google.



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