Andalou Naturals Smooth Hold Styling Cream

andalou naturals styling cream

I’m constantly struggling with my hair.  It gets frizzy, coarse and kind of dull.  Shampoos and conditioners help, but my hair’s manageability always seems just out of reach.  A couple of months ago, I read an article in Allure (their product recommendations are awful but sometimes they have great tips) about how to manage wavy hair.  For once, it didn’t involve a straightening step, so I figured I’d give it a try.  There were 3 steps listed to get wavy hair manageable:  soft, shiny and not super frizzy.  Styling cream is step 1, and since their recommended product was neither vegan nor cruelty free, I’ve substituted the Andalou Naturals styling cream.

This is a 10-in-1 benefit balm for hair.  Some of the benefits, like soft, smooth styling, damage repair and heat & color protection, I can’t speak to.  I don’t really style my hair, unless you call putting product on it and letting it air dry a style.  I haven’t colored or used heat on my hair in years, so I don’t need the protection or the repair.  One of the benefits is conditioning, and I’m not totally sure what that means outside of the obvious.  Since I already use conditioner, I can’t tell if that benefit is working or not.

Another benefit is humidity shield.  I don’t know what that’s supposed to do, especially since static control and fights frizz & flyaways are 2 of the other benefits.  Overall, it does help with the frizz, so at least one of those benefits is working.  I’ve definitely noticed that my hair is more manageable and my hair is softer (better texture).  I’m not sure if all of this is due to the styling cream or is a combination of the 3-step layering process.

Step 2 is a sea salt texturizer.  I’ve reviewed the one I’m using here.  I will say that I have more defined curls using this as part of the 3-step process than alone.

Step 3 is a curl oil, which I’ll review Wednesday.



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