EO Everyone Face Remove Wipes

eo wipes

I’ve been changing up some of the brands in my skincare routine, trying to figure out if one of those products is responsible for the acne siege.  Turns out it’s not my skincare, but more on that another day.  Before I figured that out, I switched to these EO wipes in place of the Derma E ones I’d been using.  EO hypes these are “unscented and mild” and “leave skin clean and refreshed”.

I like that these wipes don’t have salicylic acid in them, so if I’m extra tired and don’t want to mess with eye makeup remover I can use these.  However, if you have sensitive eyelids like mine, I don’t recommend using even these wipes on a daily basis.  I’ve found that my eyelids tend to get dried out if I do.

For the face, these are as gentle as hyped and I don’t have that stripped feeling that can come with some of the harsher wipes.  My makeup still came off completely and my skin did feel clean and refreshed.  These seem to be unscented, at least as far as I could tell.  But scent doesn’t tend to hit my radar unless it’s chemical-y, fruity or I happen to like the smell.  All in all, I wasn’t wowed, but they live up to their hype.

A note about the brand:  EO Products is cruelty free.  Most of their products are vegan, see here for a list of the items that aren’t.


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