La Mav Antioxidant Rich Nightly Repair Nectar

This was a little sample in the November Vegan Cuts Beauty Box.  The repair nectar is meant to be used all over your face and neck.  I did not test this on my face or my neck.  It’s basically pure oil, and putting oil on my face is like throwing vodka on a fire.  La Mav hypes it “visibly smooths fine lines, wrinkles” and it “will boost skin tone and firmness”.

So I decided to test this on my wrists, which have been looking wrinkly and kind of blah.  I tested this nightly for about a month.  I really wish I’d taken before and after pictures, but I think the change is more tactual than visual.  I tested primarily on one wrist, so I’d have a comparison.  The tested wrist is definitely softer.  I wouldn’t say it’s less wrinkly, but the wrinkles on my wrist are a lot deeper than the wrinkles on my face (thankfully).

If you’re wondering why they call it nectar, I’m pretty sure that’s the scent.  It smells like nectar.  The scent is nice, but a little much for a night use product.  This was fun to test, but I think it’s a little underwhelming to make its way into my regular rotation.

A note about the brand:  La Mav is cruelty free.


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