Vegan Cuts Giveaway reminder!

Don’t forget to comment on the Vegan Beauty Turns 1 post here.  The contest closes on Friday and you must comment to be eligible to win.  The prize is a $50 gift certificate to the Vegan Cuts shop.  Links to the shop in the Vegan Beauty Turns 1 post.


2 thoughts on “Vegan Cuts Giveaway reminder!

  1. Happy B-day! This is so, so, so awesome of you to host 🙂 Ok, so I just got into cruelty-free products around September-ish so it has been a pain in the a to find good products to replace my old ones so you can imagine how happy I am to have found your blog… NAMELY when I read your review of Beauty without cruelty eye makeup remover. You are so right, they either burn or they do virtually nothing and this product is perfect! I don’t know if I should be grateful for the suggestion or mad at you for making me spend my $. HEHE, kidding of course I’m grateful. Happy blog b-day again and thank you for the opportunity 🙂 – Kaily

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