Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics In Your Face Kit – Vicious Violets

occ in your face

This is a great little kit.  It comes with Lip Tar in in Lydia, precision lip brush, Cosmetic Colour Pencil, also in Lydia and Creme Colour Concentrate in Pleasure Model.  As a bonus, the booklet comes with instructions for a whole look using all of these products in multiple ways.  Lydia is described as a darkroom plum.  I’m not quite sure what they mean by darkroom, but it is a beautiful deep plum.  Pleasure Model is described as pearlescent pink, which is a spot on description.

The kit is hyped as “an all-in-one color kit to give your eyes, lips and cheeks a complete look”.  The Creme Colour Concentrate works great as an eyeshadow, a cheek highlighter, and gives great dimension to the Lip Tar.  The Lip Tar works great as both blush and lip color.  The booklet recommends the Cosmetic Colour Pencil as both a brow and a lip pencil.  It looked a little weird on my already dark and well-defined brows, but it was a great lip pencil.

If you’re looking for a cute kit, I highly recommend this one.  It’s on sale right now, which makes it really worth it, but I’m not sure I would have bought it at regular price.  The kit also comes in Crucial Neutrals, which I have not tried.  You can get it online at Sephora only (as far as I can tell).




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