Demes Butter Me Up in Cherry Cerise

demes butter me up

From the November Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

What immediately catches the eye is the packaging.  It doesn’t just look like a cardboard tube; it is a cardboard tube.  The second thing that catches the eye is the rather short (only 7) ingredient list.  The third thing that catches they eye is that Demes Butter Me Up is a solid tube, more like chapstick than lotion.

Demes hypes its “convenient mess-free applicator”.  There’s no question the tube lives up to the hype.  Butter Me Up is also a great lip moisturizer and a pretty good hand moisturizer.  I tested this for about 3 weeks on both.  My hands are crazy chapped this time of year, so it takes a miracle to get then completely soft.  This didn’t completely do the trick, but it was thick enough to get a good part of the job done.

This is both scented and flavored.  Butter Me Up comes in Cherry Cerise, Tangerine Vanilla and Mint.  The flavoring on the Cherry Cerise is very cherry.  The scent is strong, but not in a chemical way.

A note about the brand:  DEMES is vegan and cruelty-free.

PS  Don’t forget to comment on the Vegan Beauty Turns 1 post to win a $50 gift certificate to the Vegan Cuts shop (it’s more than subscription boxes)!


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