Hylunia Nightly Renewal Serum

IMG_0217_1 - CopyFrom the October Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

This is a follow-up to Friday’s post on Hylunia’s day moisturizer.  Hylunia hypes this treatment “combats acne outbreaks by stabilizing sebum production” and by using this you will “wake up looking well rested and radiant”.  As I mentioned Friday, I tested this for nearly 2 weeks on some very unhappy skin (and by unhappy, I mean an acne outbreak that resembled an epidemic).

While my skin was admittedly unhappy before I started testing this product, this serum did nothing to combat my acne.  My acne got worse during testing, although in all fairness, I can’t say whether it was the night treatment or whatever had been causing my acne outbreak before I started testing.  I can’t stay whether my skin looked particularly more radiant during testing, but my overall skin tone remained constant.

Also, in case there’s any confusion between the title and the picture, Hylunia changed the name of this product since the sample was shipped.


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