Pacifica Charmed Shadow Palette

pacifica charmed

There are 7 shadows in this palette, and except for the brown one, they’re all shimmery.  The shadows have really cracked out names (for example, the white one on the far left is called Unicorn and the beige one second from the right is called Alchemy), so to save you from my weird makeup names speech, I encourage you to check out the Pacifica site if you want to find out the rest of the names.

Pacifica hypes these are “creaseless shadows infused with coconut to create soft lasting, velvety texture”.  I’ve been using this palette for at least a week now, and I’ve never been more disappointed in a palette.  I tried this with a number of different eyeshadow primers and color combinations.  Most of the shadows don’t show up well, if at all.  The brown one on the far right shows up okay, but even that one has no staying power, except in the creases.  It’s a cute palette and looks even cuter in the box, but I can’t recommend this one at all.


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