e.l.f. Studio HD Blush in Superstar

elf hd blush

I first got this because I thought the color was pretty.  I wasn’t really sure why e.l.f. was selling an HD (high-definition) makeup, since I thought HD makeup was just for use with HD cameras and film.  It turns out HD makeup diffuses light, which can give it a more even finish.  Interestingly, HD makeup diffuses light since the particles sit on the skin.

e.l.f. hypes this blush “naturally sculpts and highlights the cheekbones for a soft-focus effect”.  I mostly wear powder blushes and highlighters, so this took some getting used to.  I normally wear my blush over my finishing powder and I had trouble blending this until it dawned on me that I should be wearing it under my finishing powder.  After that, it blended great and really gave me that soft-focus effect, as hyped.

As for the color, it looks a little strong in the bottle and magenta when it comes out.  But if you use just a little tiny bit and blend well with a stipple brush, it’s a nice, deep rose pink.  This comes in 4 other shades, most of which also look a little strong in the bottle.


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