Jason Dandruff Relief Treatment Shampoo

jason dandruff

Okay, I know this review may be TMI, just by sheer virtue of the fact that we’re even talking about this.  But I’ll try to keep this from veering too far into eeewww .  This review may be short on detail as a result.  Jason hypes “this medicated cleanser soothes, heals and moisturizes while it eliminates flakes and itchiness”.

I get pretty dry skin the minute winter hits, even on my scalp.  This shampoo lives up to its hype.  There is a faint, sulfur smell to the shampoo, which might be irritating, although it fades after a day or so.  Overall, this is great for relieving that winter dryness.

A note about the brand:  Jason is cruelty free.

PS So sorry about my absence last week.  It was sort of like a Tasmanian devil was living in my house.


2 thoughts on “Jason Dandruff Relief Treatment Shampoo

  1. 🙂 Cool review! I’m actually using this shampoo right now. I DO hate the sulphuric odor (which for whatever reason is pretty pronounced when I use it and is then infused in the bath towel after I towel dry my hair), but it definitely works.

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