Hylunia Nightly Renewal Serum

From the October Vegan Cuts Beauty Box This is a follow-up to Friday’s post on Hylunia’s day moisturizer.  Hylunia hypes this treatment “combats acne outbreaks by stabilizing sebum production” and by using this you will “wake up looking well rested and radiant”.  As I mentioned Friday, I tested this for nearly 2 weeks on some… Continue reading Hylunia Nightly Renewal Serum

Avalon Organics Aloe Unscented Moisturizing Cream Shave

I’ve never used a cream shave before, so it’s resemblance to lotion was a bit of a surprise.  Avalon Organics hypes the cream shave “spreads easily over skin” and “soothes sensitive skin for a perfect shave”.  While it does spread easily over the skin, it doesn’t grab on well.  The shave isn’t as close as… Continue reading Avalon Organics Aloe Unscented Moisturizing Cream Shave

e.l.f. Studio Translucent Mattifying Powder

I know what you’re thinking…this doesn’t look translucent.  Are you sure you didn’t get the tinted one by mistake?  This is definitely the one marked translucent, although it looks a little darker than the one on the e.l.f. website.  e.l.f. hypes this “works on a wide variety of skin tones” and “miraculously mattes skin to… Continue reading e.l.f. Studio Translucent Mattifying Powder