No Miss Almost Natural Polish Remover

polish removerNail polish remover makes it almost not worth it to wear nail polish.  The smell is awful and I don’t care how many times I wash my hands, it takes its own sweet time to wear off.  I found this at the natural grocery store and figured the lack of acetone and the added vanilla scent could bring back my nail polish love.

At this point, if you’re getting crazy excited about an almost natural, non-stinky nail polish remover, calm down.  No Miss has gotten the stench down to a stink, but that’s all.  There’s still some of that telltale nail polish remover smell, and I’m on the fence about whether the vanilla scent makes it better or worse.  That being said, the ingredients aren’t super scary like most nail polish removers and it gets the job done.

A note about the brand:  No Miss is cruelty free.


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