Lovinah Coffee Bean-illa Body Scrub

lovinah scrub

From the October Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

The tagline says “wake up and smell the coffee”.  They aren’t kidding.  It not only smells like a can of coffee, the scrub looks like coffee grounds.  It’s hyped as an all-natural pick me up, and quite frankly, I did feel a little caffeinated before I even had my first can of coke.

Similarity to a can of Folgers aside, this is a nice scrub.  It left my skin feeling very soft, like peach soft.  The scrub isn’t messy, if you’re careful about how much you use.  What I liked the most was that my skin didn’t feel scratchy at all.  And once it’s rinsed off, only your shower smells like a Mr. Coffee.

A note about the brand:  Lovinah is vegan and cruelty-free.


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