My Goodness Regular deodorant

my goodness deodorantFrom the October Vegan Cuts Beauty Box…

I tend to be skeptical of any new deodorant, particularly the unscented ones.  I tend to perspire heavily year-round, and most deodorants don’t keep me totally dry.  I rely on the scent to help where the deodorant leaves off.  Only Goodness hypes their My Goodness deodorants have ingredients so natural you could eat them, although they wouldn’t taste good.  I did not try this.

I tested this out over the course of a week.  It was a little weird applying deodorant with my fingers.  (They do sell an applicator separately, though.)  You have to massage it in until it absorbs/dries.  This kept me mostly dry, so it would probably work for most people at keeping them totally dry.  Overall, this worked well, but the lack of scent keeps it from becoming my new favorite.

A note about the brand:  Only Goodness Inside is vegan and cruelty free.


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