Lunatick Cosmetic Labs KromatiCK Silk in Dr. Jekyll

lunatickFrom the September Vegan Cuts Beauty Box…

KromatiCK Silk is Lunatick’s loose powder eyeshadow line.  I’d never even heard of Lunatick before this showed up in the beauty box, but I love makeup and I’ll try anything once.  Even if it does look a little weird.  In the jar, it’s a very powerful shiny bronze, like statue bronze.  Did I mention it’s a bit glittery?

dr jekyll swatch

Out of the jar, it’s slightly less intimidating.  On their website, Lunatick describes this is as a high-shine bronze/gold with silver reflective particles.  That pretty much sums up the swatch, so it’s good to know their color descriptions are accurate.  The pictures look slightly off from the descriptions, but maybe that’s just me.

You do have to be careful with this.  This is highly pigmented and a little will go an incredibly long way.  I found that I had to tap the excess off, then rub it on the lid a little and then run a tissue over the brush briefly to get an amount that I could work with.  Without doing my King Midas impersonation, that is.

A note about the brand:  Lunatick Cosmetic Labs is vegan and cruelty free.


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