Derma E Very Clear Acne Cleanser

derma e cleanserI gave up on my old acne cleanser when it became harder to get into than Fort Knox.  I’ve been loving the Very Clear acne gel and wipes, so I figured I’d love this too.  Derma E hypes “regular use will help balance your complexion and your skin’s own oil producing capabilities to help reduce the occurrence of breakouts”.  I’ll be honest.  I’ve had more breakouts this year than every year since I’ve hit puberty combined.  I can’t say for sure if it’s reduced my breakouts, but there has been a noticeable change in healing time.

Derma E uses salicylic acid in all of the above mentioned Very Clear products.  What’s nice is that they also put lavender and chamomile in them.  I’ve been going nuclear on my acne, treating it at least twice a day, and I don’t have a lot of the dry skin that you usually get with acne treatment around those areas.  The cleanser feels really nice on my skin, too.

PS  Due to the salicylic acid, avoid using this around your eyes.


2 thoughts on “Derma E Very Clear Acne Cleanser

  1. Hi! It’s Valentina. I just wanted to let you know how helpful your blog is. I’m addicted to vegan beauty and before I buy anything I check your blog to see what you thought about it. Thank you!

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