Facial cleansing brush

A few years ago, during a Sephora-induced fever, I picked up a facial cleansing brush.  Like most products I purchase during a Sephora fever, I wondered what had possessed me to buy this.  I didn’t use it for a long time, thinking that it wouldn’t be useful and that it was really just a gimmick.

I finally started using it just on the days when I wore makeup to help remove it all.  It definitely helped remove all of my makeup, but I still didn’t see it making any improvement in my skin.  After experiencing the worst breakout of my life earlier this year, my facialist recommended I start using the brush daily.  For about the past 2 months, I’ve used this twice a day when I wash my face.  Let me tell you, my skin has gotten crazy smooth.  Also, you can no longer see my clogged pores from space.

Yes, I have been suckered into the facial cleansing brush craze.  My brush is made by a brand that is unfortunately no longer cruelty free.  However, Vitagoods makes a spin brush and 100% Pure makes a manual brush, both cruelty free.  I have no experience with either of these brands or their brushes.  The price difference between the spin and manual brushes is pretty significant, but I have a manual brush and I’ve still been getting great results.


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