Suncoat Sugar Based Natural Mascara

suncoat mascara

This is a full-sized mascara from the September Vegan Cuts Beauty Box.  I love getting mascara samples in the box since the vegan mascaras tend to be less toxic.  Plus, who doesn’t love trying out new mascara?

Suncoat hypes “although NOT waterproof, our natural mascara has GREAT wearability and resists smudging”.  Their mascara lives up to their hype on every point.  There was no smudging and it didn’t brush off on my fingers easily either.  My lashes looked great.  No weird spidery look, no clumping.  I did have to use an extra coat or two to get the look I wanted, but it didn’t give my lashes that heavy mascara feel.

This is by far the best natural mascara I’ve tried.  The ingredients are listed on their website, so you can judge for yourself how natural it is.  It also comes in three shades, black, brown and blue.

A note about the brand:  Suncoat is cruelty free.  Their vegan products are clearly marked on their products and on their website.


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