Emani Mineral Hybrid Cream

This is from the August Vegan Cuts Beauty Box.  I’m skipping the swatch since this was a special shade just for the Beauty Box.  I’ll only be reviewing the product, and not the color.  Emani hypes this is “the perfect way to create a sheer look or give the skin intense color”.

It’s an eye, cheek and lip color.  It was definitely sheer on my eyes, although I tried to build it up to a bolder color.  I couldn’t get a bolder color, but where I tried to build it up, it did end up creasing.  I tested it on my cheeks, thinking it would be a nice highlighter since it was so sheer on my eyes.  Turns out be be an intense color on the cheeks and I looked like I had applied bronzer with a very heavy hand.  The cream started flaking a bit when I tested it as blush, so I didn’t try it on my lips.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed with this mineral hybrid cream.  In all fairness, this is the first mineral cream I’ve ever tried, so it’s possible that some of the issues I experienced are normal with this type of product.


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