Eyeshadow primer showdown – the finale!

Here they are…the cream shadow results and the overall review of the vegan eyeshadow primers.

primer cream swatch

Swatches of the primers with cream shadow (l-r):  e.l.f, Emani, The All Natural Face, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.  Urban Decay is along the top for comparison.

The more liquid than cream primers caused smearing, Emani significantly more than Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.  The results of this test are based on both the amount of smearing and of course, how vibrant the shadows appeared.

1)  e.l.f.

2)  The All Natural Face

3)  Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

4)  Emani

Again, I chose a shadow color for the swatch that would show up well in the above photo.  I think I may not have blended The All Natural Face as well as usual in the swatch.  It doesn’t normally show up under the shadow.  In my opinion, the e.l.f. primer showed shadow and prevented creasing as well as the Urban Decay primer.

Overall, e.l.f. lives up to its hype of setting shadow so it “won’t fade, bleed or crease”.  e.l.f. has almost the perfect amount of stickiness/tackiness to show off cream and powder shadows well.

Emani doesn’t live up to its hype at all.  No matter how much or little of it I applied, the powder shadows barely showed up.  The cream shadows smeared noticeably.  This primer is not at all sticky or tacky so there’s really nothing for the shadow to stick to.

The All Natural Face didn’t quite to live up to its hype.  It takes a bit to get the hang of the right amount and to get the blending right, but once you do, this is a pretty good primer.  Once you figure it out, colors show up quite well.  It’s not quite as sticky/tacky as e.l.f.’s primer, closer to the texture of Urban Decay.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lived up to its hype once I finally got the hang of the amount and blending.  It created a smooth surface, but the colors didn’t show up as vibrantly as with some of the other primers.  It’s not as sticky/tacky as e.l.f. or The All Natural Face, but definitely more than Emani.

In the end, I will probably use all of these primers again, except possibly Emani.  I have some Emani shadows to try it with, and perhaps it works best with those.  If so, I’ll update.

A note about the brands:  e.l.f., Emani and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics can be found on the Brands page.

The All Natural Face is cruelty free.  All of their mineral products are vegan.


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