Pacifica Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream

Pacifica BBBeauty balm is a great thing…I love any product that serves more than one purpose.  Pacifica hypes their BB cream “primes, illuminates and perfects”.  I had high hopes for this product, but it really didn’t live up to its hype.  The first time I tried this, I didn’t realize that the mineral pigments were meant to shade match.  When it came out much darker than my skin, I put just a little on so that I didn’t get that weird foundation face look.

Although it did shade match, the BB cream didn’t absorb well into my skin.  Several hours later, despite using so little, my skin was greasy and shiny, not illuminated.  When I tested again, it felt not only greasy, but almost like plastic.  It’s possible that this isn’t meant for oily skin and those with dry or normal skin may experience different effects.

PS  This BB cream has a floral scent, much stronger than I expected for a facial product.


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