Suncoat Sugar Based Natural Mascara

This is a full-sized mascara from the September Vegan Cuts Beauty Box.  I love getting mascara samples in the box since the vegan mascaras tend to be less toxic.  Plus, who doesn’t love trying out new mascara? Suncoat hypes “although NOT waterproof, our natural mascara has GREAT wearability and resists smudging”.  Their mascara lives up… Continue reading Suncoat Sugar Based Natural Mascara

Balanced Guru Guilt-Free Mist

I love aromatherapy products, but I don’t buy them often because I’ll either absolutely love them or they just don’t do anything for me at all.  So I was excited to try this, even though I haven’t been feeling particularly guilty about anything lately.  Balanced Guru hypes this “helps you tune in with your emotions”,… Continue reading Balanced Guru Guilt-Free Mist

Eyeshadow primer showdown – the finale!

Here they are…the cream shadow results and the overall review of the vegan eyeshadow primers. Swatches of the primers with cream shadow (l-r):  e.l.f, Emani, The All Natural Face, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.  Urban Decay is along the top for comparison. The more liquid than cream primers caused smearing, Emani significantly more than Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. … Continue reading Eyeshadow primer showdown – the finale!