Just The Goods hand and body lotion

I have to admit, lotion isn’t my favorite product to test in the summertime.  It’s hot, it’s humid, the very last thing I want is more layers.  Even moisturizer feels like a parka on my face.  These samples (from the July Vegan Cuts Beauty Box) came in unscented and citrus blend.

Just The Goods hypes the lotion as “fast absorbing” and “long lasting”.  It doesn’t sound like high praise, but in this heat, I was glad it was all it was hyped up to be.  It has a whipped texture, so that helps keep it light on the skin.  The unscented version was great, but for those of you who are into scents, the citrus scent wasn’t bad either.  Despite the fruity scent not being my thing, it was kind of nice.  More like actual fruit and less like chemicals smelling like fruit.

Overall, this is a nice lotion for the summer and the prices aren’t bad either.

A note about the brand:  Just The Goods does not test on animals or use animal ingredients.


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