Lip Glosserie Light Asian Pear Lip Balm

lip glosserie

I have 93 lip balms of varying flavors, textures and packaging, so I consider myself something of a lip balm connoisseur (it sounds so much better than addict). Rest assured, I will not torture you by going on about the hint of almond or the ever so slight whiff of something not quite pear but nevertheless yummy. I will tell you that this is a better than decent lip balm.

It’s missing just a tiny bit in stickiness to push it into awesome. The balm goes on quite smoothly, but it’s a tad too thin and I found myself reapplying it a little more than I would have liked. Still, it’s better than being a little too thick, because then it becomes a drag, literally, to apply.

The pear flavor is actually a pear flavor, unlike some balms which promise something that sounds fun and ends up tasting like strawberry. Which is nice, but after 93 lip balms, strawberry is probably like the wine in the box of the oenophile world. If pear is not your thing, Lip Glosserie has at least 20 other flavors, which pretty much guarantees an intervention is headed my way.

A note about the brand: Lip Glosserie is cruelty free and vegan friendly. 


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