Nouveau/Organica Organic Cream Colour

I test a lot of different products for the blog, some that I choose and some that show up in my beauty box.  Nothing is more fun to test (in my opinion) than color cosmetics.  With skincare, brushes, powders, etc, I usually have to wait a bit to see if it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing.  Color is just plain fun and, also, by the end of the day I can tell if it delivers.

Nouveau/Organica’s cream colour is for lips, eyes and cheeks.  The pigment on these is great.  Actually, I used a little too much on my first go-round.  I got an exclusive shade in my beauty box that was described as a peachy pink, but looked more like a dusty pink in the pan.  Let me tell you…their descriptions are accurate and I ended up looking like I had a sunset on my eyes.  Which didn’t look altogether bad.

I tried it as a blush, against my better instincts.  With cheeks as oily as mine, cream blush is generally a no go.  I’m glad I did because it looked quite nice and I didn’t end up with the greasy look I normally do.

I did also try it as a lip color.  It looked nice at first, but then it faded and I just had lip gloss line around the edges of my lips.  In all fairness, all cream lip colors do this to me, so if this isn’t an issue for you, you should be fine.

Overall, their color descriptions are spot on and seem to be a pretty good deal for the price (about $10 per color).

A note about the brand:  Nouveau/Organica is cruelty-free and vegan.


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