Tarte Clean Slate Poreless 12-hr Perfecting Primer

tarte poreless

I have incredibly oily skin, so I feel that primer is a must if I want my foundation to last more than half an hour. Before I discovered Tarte’s Flawless Primer, this was my very favorite primer. And it still has its uses, particularly when in the midst of a horrendous breakout.  The Poreless primer feels slightly thicker than the Flawless, which may not be the greatest for my skin in its current state, but I feel better having extra layers to hide this mess under.

Tarte describes Poreless as a “skin-perfecting, waterproof mattifying base”. If mattifying is important to you, then I can recommend this primer. My skin is very oily and this keeps the shine down to a healthy-looking glow…as opposed to a spotlight. Tarte hypes this will “refine the appearance of pores and diffuse fine lines and imperfections”.  I have to say that Poreless lives up to its hype and does a good job of mattifying without drying my face out.


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