Emani Hydrating Lip Color in Temptress

emani temptress

Prepare yourselves…I think my next big blogging spree is going to involve Emani. I was introduced to them via the lipstick in this month’s beauty box (Vegan Cuts, if you’re wondering) and I was very impressed. Emani hypes their lipstick “[provides] color that looks even and won’t fade” and, of course, “moisturizes and infuses [lips]”.

On my first test, I wore this without lip liner or gloss. Although it did fade when I ate, it looked great up until lunch. I was on the phone all morning, too, so drinking and talking will not fade this. For a lipstick, this is very moisturizing. I normally don’t wear lipstick (prefer gloss), but even the “moisturizing” ones tend to feel heavy and drying to me, from lack of practice I suppose.

On my second test, I wore a lip pencil underneath.  You may not be terribly shocked that it didn’t fade, but I was.  Usually wearing a lip pencil underneath doesn’t really help me.  In fact, with the lip pencil, my lipstick didn’t fade until late in the day and I had eaten twice in that period.

temptress swatch

Temptress is described as “an untamable shade of pink”, but it looked more purple to me. If you aren’t into bold color, this might not be the shade for you. This is probably their boldest color in the collection, so don’t discount the collection over one color.

All in all, it’s not a bad day when you find a new crush.

A note about the brand: Emani Vegan Cosmetics is vegan and cruelty-free.



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