derma e Very Clear Oil-Free Acne Wipes

derma e wipes

So I recently did a bad, bad thing to my skin and it has retaliated. I’ve been changing several of my skin care staples to placate it, which means switching out everything that is remotely oily. I was just hoping to find some vegan, cruelty-free, oil free makeup wipes at the grocery store (this in itself can sometimes be a tall order), so I was super excited to find makeup wipes for those enduring the acne plague.

derma e hypes these will “soothe redness and irritation for calm, clearer, healthier looking skin”.  The wipes feel like they’re really breaking down my makeup, which I like.  As for clearer skin, I haven’t cleared up yet.  But my skin’s been in retaliation mode for at least a month and a half, so I don’t think I can expect results overnight.  Stay tuned for an update next month.

PS  If you like to remove your eye makeup with makeup wipes, you won’t be able to do that with these.  Salicylic acid and eyes do not mix.


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