Vegan polish remover – Showdown

La Fresh acetone free nail polish remover vs. DIY polish remover

la fresh

La Fresh hypes their remover will clean & condition 10 nails without being “harsh on the nails and harsh on the nose”.

Vinegar & lemon juice

DIY polish remover (equal parts vinegar and lemon juice) has no hype, although non-toxic is a word that pops up a lot in the recipes.

The setting: my toes, which have had a base coat, 1 coat of color and a top coat on for 2 weeks.

Results:  I had super-high hopes for the DIY remover, but I might as well have been using water to remove the polish.  It would not budge.  The La Fresh pad did the job.  While not being harsh on the nose like most removers, it did still have a slightly chemical smell to it.  If anyone has had success with the DIY polish remover, let me know…maybe I made it wrong.

A note about the brand:  LA Fresh is cruelty free.  Product ingredients are listed to help find vegan-friendly products.


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