ecotools Fresh & Flawless Set

fresh box

I bought these because I thought they were super cute and then didn’t use them for at least a year.  I saw a makeup artist using a really cool brush that I had to have, and realized it was in the set. At least I didn’t buy it again before that dawned on me. So, I started using the brush and figured I might as well try out the other brushes. I could kick myself for waiting so long because 3 of the brushes in this collection have turned out to be some of my favorite brushes.


flat concealer brush

The flat concealer brush is great for getting that area right under and around the nose. It’s a tad bit stiffer than most flat concealer brushes, which I really like.

buffing concealer

The buffing concealer brush is now my all-time favorite concealer brush. I love this for blemishes and buffing out the under-eye area.

precision foundation

The precision foundation brush is shaped like a very thin, very flat, stippling brush. I tried applying foundation with this and got annoyed. It is, however, totally awesome for applying eye shadow when you want something thicker than an eyeliner but don’t want to cover the whole lid.

awesome foundation

The complexion blending brush is the most awesome foundation brush ever. I have, like, 5 foundation brushes and now use this one nearly exclusively. The smaller handle is great for control and I find myself using a lot less foundation with this brush. It buffs foundation well, too.

powder brush

The full powder brush is my favorite powder brush. It’s not too big and it’s not too small, and the handle is perfect. I wear loose powder more than pressed and I am forever getting that geisha/Victorian lady/vampire look by getting waaay too much powder on my face and this totally solves that problem!

ecotools hypes that these brushes are “essential” and I think at least 3 of them completely live up to that hype.


4 thoughts on “ecotools Fresh & Flawless Set

  1. Great reviews! I have the Ecotools eyeshadow brush set and they’re wonderful too. I’ve had them for years and they’re still good as new! I really want to try out this set, too. Thanks for this info – it’s really helpful!

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