Beautiful Curls Curl Enhancing Leave-In Conditioner

alaffia conditioner

I have a sort of compulsion about using a matching shampoo and conditioner, so when I finished up the Desert Essences one, I had to give this a shot.  It’s taken a little getting used to since I’ve never used a leave-in product before.  I have a tendency to use a lot of conditioner and I think I overdid it on the leave-in.

Beautiful Curls hypes that it will “improve softness and elasticity”, as well as “enhance natural highlights and help normalize scalp oil production”.  My hair is about as soft as it gets right now.  And my scalp is about as calm as I think it gets.  It does live up to the hype.  But I’m just happy it feeds my samesies compulsion and goes with my shampoo.

See here for my review of Beautiful Curls shampoo.


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