Obligatory makeup storage post


As I’ve only got e.l.f. products reviewed and ready to post, I thought I’d throw this in here to give you guys a break from the onslaught. Also, it was suggested that I should post about my (totally awesome) makeup storage system. I do want to point out that none of these drawers are even close to being full.

The two big drawers on the left are not attached to each other, just stackable. In the top one, I keep products waiting to be reviewed. In the bottom one, I keep masks and exfoliators.

The three drawers in the middle are attached to each other. The top one stores my foundations, powders, primers and concealers. The middle drawer holds my lip glosses, lip stains and lipsticks. The bottom drawer holds my eyeliners, mascaras, brow gels, eyelash curler and pencil sharpener.

The three drawers on the right are also attached to each other. The top drawer stores my pigments: loose, liquid, cream and pencil. I also store my blushes in this drawer. The middle drawer stores all of my eye shadows. The bottom drawer is for my palettes.

I got the drawers at Office Depot/Max/whatever. They also sell them online. They look very office-y at the store, but once I got them home they looked a lot better. Enough so that I’ve been asked if they were specifically designed to hold makeup, so clearly they don’t scream “cubicle”.

I must’ve watched a hundred makeup storage videos before I figured out what I wanted to do, so I hope this at least gives you some ideas for your counter.


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