nyl Velvet Transformative Serum

nyl serum

The idea of putting anything with 13+ oils on my already incredibly oily face seems counterintuitive.   But the description card that accompanied it spoke of its anti-inflammatory properties and hyped that it would “restore balance to all skin types”. About a month ago, I started experiencing the worst breakout of my life and even began to be a little embarrassed going out in public. (Sidenote: do not use alkalinizing drops when you are a hot toxic mess…your face will pay.) I figured that my face was inflamed, in a manner of speaking, and I was desperate. Both my regular and nuclear acne fighters were failing me.

Which made me desperate enough to put 13+ oils on my face. Now, I’m not saying this made my acne disappear, but I swear after one night of using this stuff, these bad boys depuffed enough that at least concealer was useful again. I really don’t know if it’s the anti-inflammatory properties, or if my skin was way unbalanced, or the universe just decided to stop punishing me. But my face seems much happier again. Which is totally the opposite of what I expected from something with as much oil as a fast food counter.

A note about the brand: nyl is vegan and cruelty free.


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