Tallulah Jane fragrance in Halona

I haven’t been into perfume for a while, mostly because there aren’t a lot of options in the cruelty free/vegan market. Also, a lot of perfume has a fruit scent and I think my feelings on smelling like fruit are well documented.  Still, I like to try new vegan brands that I run across. This perfume only has 3 ingredients (organic grape alcohol, organic castor oil and organic, wildcrafted or natural essential oils), so I was intrigued by how it would perform over those with an additional 25 ingredients.

Halona is hyped as a blend of lime, fresh ginger and eastern spices that “create an unforgettable experience that will leave you bathed in a little bit of summer no matter the season”. To me, it smelled mostly like grapefruit and more spring than summer. Even so, it was probably the least annoying fruit scent I’ve ever worn. A little went a very long way without being overpowering.

The brand has other perfumes with less of a fruit scent, for those with similar fruit smell biases.

A note about the brand: Tallulah Jane is vegan and cruelty free.


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