Gabriel Lip Gloss in Venus

Gabriel venus gloss

I have such an addiction to lip gloss that I fear an intervention is in my future. Back in my pre-beauty vegan days, I owned pretty much every lip gloss made by The Balm. Because flavored lip gloss is worth an intervention.  While Gabriel’s lip gloss isn’t flavored, it’s still pretty awesome.

Gabriel hypes their gloss will “soothe and smooth sensitive or chapped lips”. I don’t have sensitive or chapped lips, but no matter how much you exfoliate, there are some glosses that will turn your lips into the Sahara within an hour. This is not one of them. Did not dry my lips out, was not super tacky and the color lasted a few hours before I needed to reapply.

venus swatch

Speaking of the color, this was a great color. Gabriel describes Venus as a “pinky melted chocolate brown”. I struggled to describe the color on my own, but I think that covers it pretty well. This seems like it has a warm undertone and I normally struggle with warm colors on my lips, but this ended up looking really nice on my very cool undertone skin. Those with warm undertones would probably look good with this color too. The only thing that would make this gloss better is if it tasted like melted chocolate.

A note about the brand: Gabriel Cosmetics is vegan and cruelty free.


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