e.l.f. Essential Liquid Eyeliner

elf liner

This was my first time trying liquid eyeliner ever. I was very, very scared because everyone said liquid liner was hard to fix without redoing the whole eye makeup. They were right. My eyes looked a hot mess this week, well, just my right eye actually. I thought my left eye looked pretty good, considering. By the way, if anyone has tips on how to do the right eye (or left eye, if you’re left-handed), please post it in the comments.

e.l.f. hypes their liner is “smudge-proof” and “creates easy and precise definition”. The liner was kind of smudgy until it dried (I did hope I could “smoke up” my liner to even it out a bit), and then it just screamed lining while intoxicated. It does dry pretty quickly, so I’m not sure if the pre-dry smudging is just a function of liquid eyeliner.

Since I cannot speak to its easy and precise definition on my eyes, I attempted to demo this on my arm so you could see how awesome the fine-tip brush is.  All I managed to do is prove to myself that I can’t draw a straight line, even on my arm.  I considered posting the photo anyway so you could see the swatches, but was too mortified. If liquid liner is your thing, give this a shot. Especially for the black and brown liners.


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