Goddess Garden Organics Natural Sunscreen SPF 30

Although I love my Nature’s Gate sunscreen, Goddess Garden is the hot thing at my natural grocery at the moment. When I realized that it was only SPF 30, I was bummed (my SPF 50 feels a little too light). I figured I’d wait for an overcast day and test it out for you guys, since I hate to waste anything. And then I was even more bummed.

My first thought when I opened it was “glue”. It looked and smelled like glue to me. As I was applying it, it even felt gluey. It sort of reminded me of that paste we used in kindergarten. I had hopes that it would get better once it absorbed/dried. I’m sorry to say it was pretty sticky all day.

If your ultimate goal is to have a sunscreen with more organic ingredients than some of the others out there, then you may not mind the scent. Despite its not as organicness, I’m sticking with my Nature’s Gate and its SPF 50.

A note about the brand: Goddess Garden Organics is cruelty free and their sunscreen is vegan.




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