Radius Cranberry Floss

Radius floss

I chose this over the mint flavor because, well, I’d never seen cranberry floss before.  There’s not a huge cranberry taste to it. According to Radius, the cranberry essence is supposed to help with bacteria, plaque and gum disease. Who knew?

Radius hypes their floss as being “awesome natural floss”. Well, I’m all about cool flavors of things (remind me to tell you about my totally un-vegan from way back in the day Betty Crocker Peanut Butter chapstick sometime), so I guess cranberry floss is kind of awesome.

PS They have changed their formula on this; it was made with beeswax. The vegan formulas are in square, not round, containers.

A note about the brand: Radius is cruelty free and clearly identifies their vegan products.


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