Gourmet Body Treats Raw Finishing Powder

GBT powder

I’m new to the world of loose powder, having been a compact user most of my life and I haven’t been having the best experience. I even tried a hybrid thing with loose powder coming out of the attached sponge, but that didn’t go well either. I wouldn’t have tried this at all except that I’m trying to branch out into new vegan brands. Gourmet Body Treats hypes “our finishing powder melts into your skin infusing it with light, giving the look a flawless finish”.

It looked nice when I put it on, for sure. But the true test of a powder for me is how it looks after an hour when my oily face has seeped through its sunblock, primer and foundation to the powder. I go through oil blotting sheets like they’re candy. However, GBT hypes their powder “gently absorbs oil and minimizes the appearance of lines and pores without buildup”. I’m down to about one oil blotting sheet a day, usually in the late afternoon. Although I’m not a huge fan of loose powder, this stuff definitely lives up to its hype and isn’t itchy at all (unlike some powders I’ve tried).

A note about the brand: Gourmet Body Treats is vegan and cruelty free.


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