e.l.f. Essential Blending Eye Brush

elf blending brush

My brush addiction is well documented here. I tried to go at least a month without buying a new brush. Okay, I didn’t try that hard. Also, in my defense, I didn’t really have any blending eye brushes. e.l.f. hypes this brush will “expertly blend multiple eye shades while softening dramatic edges and fine lines”. With my insane brush collection (how many foundation brushes does one woman need?), I think I can speak on a brush’s expertness.

This brush rocks! I’m not always the hugest fan of e.l.f. brushes (be warned, the angled eye brush frays), but I wanted to know where this brush had been all my life. Seriously. I spend a lot of time watching makeup videos and trying out different styles and I always looked like a little girl playing around with makeup when I was done. The blending brush is the secret, people. I can’t speak to its longevity since I’ve only had it a couple of weeks. Still, for $1, it’s well worth finding out if a blending eye brush will change your (makeup) life.


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