Nourish Organic Daily Exfoliating Body Polish

Nourish scrub

So I am a huge, huge fan of exfoliation. If my skin doesn’t look or feel right, I head straight for exfoliators. I thought about making my own body scrub, but when I realized I’d have to buy, like, 10 things to make it, the desire pretty much died. Luckily, Nourish Organic makes a nice body scrub. The hype: “reveals healthier, more radiant skin” and “[leaves skin] smooth and glowing with good health”.

I’ll be honest…when I’m shopping, I just want something with my 2 favorite words. I don’t really worry about the hype until I test it out at home. I was a little concerned at first when there seemed to be hardly any scrubbies in this. It ended up exfoliating nicely without that “I just scrubbed half of my skin off” feeling I’m used to from body scrubs. The website says it’s gentle enough to use every day, and although I’m too lazy to spend that much extra time in the shower on a daily basis, I think you could use it every day. A nice change from the usual body scrubs and with as good, if not better, results.

A note about the brand: Nourish Organics is cruelty-free and mostly vegan. Their vegan products are identified clearly with a Vegan label.


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