e.l.f. Studio Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in Toast

e.l.f. Toast

The first thing I realized as soon as I opened this is that I already have a cream shadow in gold. True, the other one’s a few shades lighter, but how many gold shadows does one woman need? And as I typed this I realized the other one is left over from the pre-Vegan Beauty days and I need a replacement anyway. So, guilt assuaged, let’s talk about e.l.f.’s cream shadow.

They hype that it’s “easy to blend and lightweight for lasting comfort and wear”. It felt like it took just a hair too long to dry, but after that, it lived up to its lightweight hype. I tried applying it with a brush, because I have to apply everything with brushes. It did not want to go on the brush, but I made it through and it ultimately applied well. I would recommend the fingers route if frustration isn’t your thing and you don’t have a raging brush addiction. Overall, it’s a nice eyeshadow and well worth the $3.  With a light hand, you could even wear it during the day.



3 thoughts on “e.l.f. Studio Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in Toast

  1. I’ve been curious about these, great post!
    Also, I nominate you for a Liebster award- if you’re interested, you can find my questions to answer on my post

      1. Lol, it’s not a worry if you’ve been nominated more than once, it just shows that your blog is appreciated!

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