Dr. Gross Alpha Beta Peel – Original Formula

Dr. Gross peel

The impulse buy rack at Sephora is my kryptonite. I have no willpower and anything that says vegan and cruelty free is going in the basket.  Which is how I ended up going home with the 5-pack of the Alpha Beta peel, despite the fact that I firmly believe the words “face” and “peel” have absolutely no business in the same sentence.

The first time I tried the peel, I was actually scared. Because, you know, once I’m home the Sephora trance wears off and I’m like, what the hell did I buy. It turned out to not be scary at all. It feels kind of nice, actually. I got the original formula, which the box says is for 1st time users or those with sensitive skin.

Dr. Gross has a lot of hype about this, so I’m just going to hit the points where he talks about it “reducing pores” and delivering “a smoother…clearer complexion”. There’s some stuff about anti-aging in there too, but I’m not ready to worry about that yet, so I blew right past it.  I don’t use it daily (as recommended) or even weekly. I do the peel every month or so.  Noticeably smaller pores and whether it’s smoother or refreshed, I don’t know; my skin just looks good.  And if the lights are dim in the bathroom, I could maybe look 20.


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