Beautiful Curls Curl Enhancing Shea Butter Shampoo

Beautiful Curls - Copy

I hit up the natural grocery store over the weekend and found exactly one shampoo for curly hair. One. In at least three racks worth of shampoo and conditioner. But before I go into that little rant again, let’s talk shampoo. Beautiful Curls hypes that it will “enhance and retain waves and large curls”. Honestly, I didn’t read the hype at the store. By the time I got to the last rack, I was all up in any shampoo with the words vegan, cruelty free and curl on the bottle.

It felt a little weird, almost watery, compared to regular shampoo when I tried it. My hair felt a little strange even after I rinsed it, almost like maybe I used a little too much. But it’s been holding my curls well, even better than its predecessor.  My hair also feels less like steel wool, which may be a sign of the apocalypse.

Beautiful Curls appears to cater to all types of curly hair.  I can’t speak for their other products, but their wavy to curly shampoo is freakin awesome!

A note about the brand: Beautiful Curls (by Alaffia) is cruelty free. They specify by product which are vegan.


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